The query submission form consists of two parts:

Filters:These are the categories used to filter the records. They restrict the number of records that are shown in the result. The filters can be viewed by selecting the Filters radio button on the left. To select a filter, you must tick its checkbox. Similarly, to remove a filter, it must be unchecked. You must select at least one filter before submitting the form. Only records that pass through all the selected filters will be displayed.


Select the disease(s) for which you want to know about the SNPs or GWAS. Multiple diseases may be selected from the list box by pressing the Ctrl key.


Filter records based on HGNC gene symbols. Multiple genes may be entered in the query box, one on each line.


Filter records based on rsIDs as in dbSNP build 134. Multiple rsIDs may be entered in the query box, one on each line.

Disease Class

You can restrict the records to only the subset that has disease-SNP associations from a particular disease class.

Attributes: These are the categories which will be displayed in the results. The attributes can be viewed by selecting the Attributes radio button on the left. You can select an attribute by ticking its check box. Selecting attributes allows you to view only the desired information without cluttering the screen with data which is of no interest to you. The Disease Class, Disease Name, Gene, rsID and PMID are selected by default.