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The genetic disorders hold a great significance as they affect generations of individuals in a family contrary to the non-genetic diseases which limits to the affected individual. Besides afflicting multiple generations, the genetic dermatological disorders which don't conform to the existing aesthetic standards, not only have a debilitating impact on the physical health of an individual but also affect the mental well-being of the person. The Genome-Wide Association studies (GWAS) have supported the need to identify the genetic variants contributing to the diseases. A major player contributing to the phenotypic differences is the single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs), which has been the focus for the development of DermaGene database.

The DermaGene database aims to provide a freely accessible comprehensive repository of the Dermatosis and the associated Genes & Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs) along with its supporting evidence. Each entry in this database describes the Disease, its genes, the Single Nucleotide Polymorphism associated with diseases, the Pub Med IDs of texts referred, the frequency of disease occurrence, the population ethnicity where it exists and the Disease Class. The database as of now houses 114 unique diseases, as described by 244 different genes and the 871 associated SNPs.

Our database aims to provide a holistic picture of the various dermatological disorders, which may facilitate researchers in identifying dermatosis causation, in addition to providing insights into previously undiscovered disease-gene & disease-SNP relationships. To date, no such systematic effort has been made to provide a compilation of data on genetic variants involved in Dermatological disorders, which makes DermaGene a unique database for the benefit of clinicians and researchers.

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