DermaMeth : Human DNA Methylation database for genes associated with dermatological disorders


DermaMeth is a web-based resource having human DNA methylation database for the genes associated with dermatological disorders. The data for Methylation for genes associated with skin-related disorders had been extracted from across a large number of published literature, several specialized databases and other repositories that gives an insight data regarding methylation data of DNA. DermaMeth currently comprises of more than 1,000 unique genes that are related to dermatological disorders.


Addition of methyl-group to the DNA base Cytosine(C) by an enzyme named DNMT(DNA methyltransferase). It can also be elucidated as the reversible addition of methyl groups at CpG di-nucleotides that symbolizes an important regulatory layer that are associated with gene expression, gene regulation & cellular specification. Methylation taking place at cytosine in the 5 position of the pyrimidine ring is a foremost modification of the DNA in most of the organisms. For various diseases to be diagnosed and for better treatment decisions it is necessary to gather information that makes an associations between methylated genes and diseases.

Data Source

DermaMeth organizes the associations in summary tables that include Gene, Disease Class, Disease Name, p-value, Methylation(%) , Methylation Type, Gene Expression, dbSNP ID (AA-change), Pathway Name, Cellular Component, Molecular Function, Biological Process, PubMedID, Transcript, Gene ID, Karyotype, Chromosome No., Genome Position, Ensembl Gene ID, UCSC ID, Vega ID, Gene Family ID, MESH ID (Disease ID), Accession Numbers, OMIM ID, HGNC ID, UniProt ID and ALIAS from various database .